Perfitt | Team
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Steena (CEO)

Business, Design

I am interested in people and stories.

Always attracted to creating new things

A positive energy spreader


– Content and platform startup

– 3D design,  video production

– Global IT consulting



Foot/Shoes Analysis, Partnership

I have only been looking at shoes for years.

A sense of details

Smart communicator


– Retail company shoes sourcing

– Shoes designer

– Global IT marketing



IT Development, Computer Visioning

I always like to learn.

A strong passion of IT development

A full stack developer


– Computer Vision

– Large server architecture

– LG Electronics Research Institute



Business, Risk Management

I believe in intuition.

I love the mania culture.

Business man growing self-directed


– Business Development

– Global communicator

Our Story

 We are a crazy group of analyzers, programmers, designers, marketers, and innovators all dedicated to one vision

: to enable everyone to purchase the perfect fit anywhere anytime.

While running our own shoe e-commerce site,
the team discovered that customers were having problems with
selecting shoe sizes: over 70% of the customers Q&A was about the size.

The team modified the website and started to provide a personalized
size recommendation. Easing the concerns about the size decision resulted in increased customer satisfaction and massively reduced returns.

The team realized this opportunity in size measurement and recommendation solution is universal and applicable to all footwear retailers, and started Perfitt.