Perfitt | Perfect fit, Perfect smile
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What is Perfitt?

Perfitt eliminates the biggest concern in shoe shopping – Size.
With our size measurement solution, footwear sellers can compare customer’s foot size and their product in the same unit.
Making both sizes directly comparable, footwear sellers can recommend the perfect size to the customers.


How It Works?

Perfitt’s solution is compatible.
Footwear sellers can simply adapt the solution to their own service,
whether it is offline or online.
It only takes three steps.

Measure customer’s foot size

Adapt Perfitt’s foot size measuring solution to your service.
Using image processing technology,
our solution measures the customer’s foot size within 3 seconds.
The solution can be adapted to any device with camera:
smart phone app or offline store gadget.

item showcase image

Download the Perfitt app from app store.

Take 2 photos of your foot.

We will analyze more than 200 points of your foot and measure the size.

By matching with our shoe inner size database, we will recommend you the ‘perfect fitting’ shoes sizes.

shoesize (2)

Measure your product


Perfitt unlocks the actual shoe sizes
by our patented shoe size measuring device.
Within 30 seconds,
the device can accurately measure the inner size of shoes.

Use Perfitt’s
Size Recommendation Solution

Perfitt offers a size recommendation system.
Adapt our size recommendation system to your service,
and offers the perfect size recommendation to your customers